Septic Scrub Preventing Costly Drainfield Problems
Do's and Don'ts


• Be conservative with the amount of water used. Practice water conservation. Repair any leaking toilets or faucets immediately.

• Add a bottle of Septic-Scrub to your distribution box once or twice a year depending on the usage and age of the system. With the cost of replacing drainfields increasing in every part of the country, it may be better to be more conservative in preventative maintenance. If you decide to treat twice a year, do one treatment in the spring and one in the fall.

Locate the distribution box and install a riser if it is not readily accessible to make product addition and inspection easier. Slowly add the entire contents of the bottle of Septic-Scrub and wash into the drainfield with a hose. If you do not have a distribution box, consider adding a riser from the drainfield pipe to make inspection and product addition easier. The addition of a professional bacteria product at this time may also help the performance of the drainfield.

• Divert other sources of water like roof drains and sump pumps away from the septic system. Have the tank periodically pumped (typically every 1 to 2 years). This will keep the solids and scum from filling the septic tank.


• Put toxic or hazardous chemicals into the tank. Even small amounts of paints, varnishes, thinners, waste oil, photographic solutions, pesticides, and other organic chemicals can destroy the biological digestion taking place within the system.

• Put plastics, cat litter, cigarette filters, condoms, tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels, and facial tissues in the septic system. These items quickly fill the tank with solids, decrease its efficiency, and require the tank to be pumped out more frequently. They can also clog up the sewer line into the tank causing wastewater to back up into the home.

• Dump grease or fats down your kitchen drain. They solidify and may cause blockages in the system.

• Do not do many loads of clothes back to back. Spread the washing over the day or several days to lessen the load on the septic system.

• In general, the use of garbage disposals add to the loading of the system and should be avoided.

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