Septic Scrub Preventing Costly Drainfield Problems
Additional Instructions
Instructions for Maintaining or Restoring A Septic System Drainfield

1. Have the tank periodically pumped of solids.

2. Locate the distribution box; the professional who pumps the tank will be able to help with this. If there is no distribution box, consider installing a riser of 6-inch pipe between the septic tank and the drainfield. If the distribution box is buried deeply, consider putting a riser on this to allow access. Septic-Scrub must be added between the septic tank and the drainfield.


Remove standing water from the drainfield. Pump the distribution box until no more water flows from the field. Then allow the field to rest several days before adding Septic-Scrub. Add one bottle every other day into the distribution box or cleanout until four bottles have been added. Run water from the hose for about 15 minutes after addition. For best and faster results, dig a posthole in the drainfield through the stone and to the soil below. Several may need to be dug in various parts of the drainfield. Pump the soil from this hole until no more water flows into it. Refill the hole and add Septic-Scrub to the distribution box or cleanout. Add one bottle and run water for 15 minutes, then repeat with a second bottle. Repeat this procedure the next day.

Drywells and Cesspools

Pump the system of standing water. Agitate the bottom to break up the "crust". Use a pole or water stream. DO NOT BREATHE MIST. Add two bottles into the pit with enough water to dissolve. Add two additional bottles the next day.

After treatments monitor systems for rising water levels. If water levels rise, add an additional two bottles. Retreat system after six months with two bottles and then at least annually after that.

Direct Addition Through Septic Tank Outlet

Septic-Scrub can be added through the outlet pipe from the septic tank.

Note: The only reason to use the outlet pipe is that there is no other access to the laterals or distribution box.

• In order to access the outlet pipe through the septic tank, you must open the septic tank cover.


• Using a plastic bucket, dissolve Septic-Scrub in clean water. About one-third of the bottle may be dissolved in 4 gallons of water.

• Push a hose or tubing similar to swimming pool hose into the septic tank outlet until some resistance is felt or for a distance of 6 feet.

• Using a funnel or a siphon, add the dissolved product into the hose. Again the water level in the septic tank must not be above the outlet since this indicates that the drainfield is flooded.

If you do not have access to your distribution box, you might consider having your pumper add a cleanout plug to help ease future cleaning or additions of Septic-Scrub. If you have direct access to the laterals, divide the contents equally between them.

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