Septic Scrub Preventing Costly Drainfield Problems

A Homeowner Proclaims:

Three months ago I had to dig up my septic tank. After getting the drain field sucked out the tanker owner said, "if this doesn't work you will have to put in a new drainfield." I studied your product claims after the drainfield backed up again. Almost to the day one month later the pumper was back he shook his head and said, "I have never heard of any chemical that can do what Septic-Scrub says it will do." Thank you Arcan.

A Homeowner in Wisconsin writes:

I built my home 22 years ago, raised 4 children with all the laundry, showers, etc. that go with it. After that amount of time and use, I thought my filterbed had performed as well as could be expected. I had the septic tank pumped regularly and tried other septic system products to help improve the effectiveness of my system. But the last few years the ground over and around the filterbed remained saturated and would give off a foul odor. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would have to install a new filterbed , but I thought I would search the internet for any alternatives to that expensive undertaking. Luckily I found Arcan Septic-Scrub. Within 2 weeks of my first application of Septic-Scrub, the odor was gone and the ground that had been saturated was dried up.

Now 8 weeks after my initial application my septic system is working just fine, with absolutely no odors or any other signs of a failing system. I would sincerely recommend this product to anyone with a similar filterbed problem. Thank you very much!!!!!!

A Pumper in Illinois writes:

I just wanted to let you know how well your product is working. We use it when we Terralift septic systems and maintenance after. I like it because you can see immediate results. The pipes clean up, the boxes clean up, and I know it's cleaning the gravel and the soil around it. I recommend it with every pumping. Thanks Dave for a great product.

A Homeowner in New Jersey writes:

Thank you. It seems to be working great already and I haven't added the third bottle yet.

A Homeowner in California writes:

Thanks again for your help. Your product worked great! It has not only restored our drainfield , it also restored my sanity ! Thanks. P.S. We will be using Septic-Scrub on a regular basis.

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